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Uncovered Guardian

The Guidebook for the Story Guardians who Manage All Genres and Plots

3.1 When the Character Discovered the Story Guardian

3.1a When the character is weaker than the guardian (open)
3.1b When the character is stronger than the guardian

1. Avoid the appearance in the panel where the character is performing finishing move. ('Finisher panel', in other word)
2. Move(appear) to the next panel.
(※ Do not move to the next page. This increases the mortality of the one who's getting hit.)
3. Change the panel's background into the other place.
(※ This will make the guardian avoids the character's attack, and give readers a feeling that the story's been moved to other place.
But it has higher possibility of breaking the natural storyline and probability, so refrain impractical movement of panel if possible.)
4. Return to the base, report the trouble, and dispatch the Plot Hole Agents to the story.

3.2 When the Story Guardian is Killed by the Character (open)